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In PEOPLE, we believe that everything is aesthetic. We believe that the role and the value of architecture and design affects the way we live, the way we work, we have fun, we create, we dream. PEOPLE has an in-house talented team of architects and designers, who share the same values ​​and pursuits, who integrate each other and give added value to the team.read more


The rapid evolution of technology and media, the need for energy efficiency and environmentally sustainable projects, the increased operational requirements, the world trends for integration, interconnection and interaction between devices and... read more


It’s common belief that Design integrates the total experience and gives a competitive advantage to the final product. Individuals and Companies who have realized the value and the strategic importance of design... read more

Strategy, planning & consulting

The well defined strategy, the accurate planning and the appropriate consulting are key factors for the success of every project. The strategy formulation and the requirement analysis are for PEOPLE... read more

Construction and Project Management

In the framework of the PEOPLE's end-to-end approach, we provide project management services in every phase of the project, from the concept design to the completion of the project. The team's activities include contract management, sub-contractor management, project monitoring, quality control, budgeting and cost management, value engineering, programme and resources management... read more

environmental & energy engineering

The environmental and energy planning is an international trend and challenge for any modern project. The energy efficiency, energy saving techniques, smart applications... read more

Research & Development

We believe in research and its dynamics. We invest in innovation. We like to experiment with new design techniques, advanced technological tools and new materials. read more

Visualization & Modeling

The classic architectural drawings, floor plans, cross sections and views can not be easily perceived and understood. PEOPLE's visualization and virtual reality team produces models, three-dimension visualizations, animations and anything else is necessary to ensure that architects optimize their projects and clients fully understand them. read more

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LIGHTWEIGHT SHIPPING CONTAINER patent application receives a favorable review

iPEOPLE is pleased to announce that its patent application directed to its LIGHTWEIGHT SHIPPING CONTAINER has received a favorable review in Europe as several aspects claimed in the patent applicatio

Welcome to our new site

We are pleased to welcome you in our new corporate web site. You can see our selected projects, download and share images and creations, read our news and ...