Our History


    The technical office of Pavlos Ptochos was the base and the start for the PEOPLE. The office issued more than 6.000 licences and buildings in Greece, while at the same time was supervising and constructing a great number of various technical projects. The technical office became an integrated, coherent and well-structure unit, providing top quality technical services. It was a living body with many members, engineers of all specialties, and it is ready to fly away…

  • 2006

    People is born… That year, People, with different disciplines but similar pricniples, decide to put their strengths together and establish PEOPLE Company. The name of the company fully expresses the values prevailing, while those two "P"s would always make reference to the man who initiated everything .. Pavlos Ptochos.

  • 2007

    Our first big flight… People undertake the planning and implementation of their first project abroad. In particular, they design the infrastructure of luxury residential complex in Balcans. More projects will follow...

  • 2009

    PEOPLE establishes its R&D unit focusing in material science, energy efficiency and new structures …


    Together we dream of the future… Today, People continue their successful progress, with numerous collaborations with companies, organizations and individuals, both in Greece and abroad.