Our Identity

Aware of the challenges of the future, PEOPLE are committed to continuing learning and development in a world in which resources are becoming increasingly precious. All this is made possible through a commitment to research and through identifying and sharing a common intellectual platform, so that the diverse architects, landscape architects, MEP engineers, structural engineers, enviromental engineers, designers and consultants who make up the team can all benefit from the latest technology, as can the equally diverse stakeholders group.

PEOPLE are driven by 7 principles:


PEOPLE's end-to-end structure embraces the philosophy that eliminating as many middle layers or steps as possible will optimize performance and efficiency in any process.

PEOPLE understand that the best project or design comes from a completely integrated approach from conception to completion, an End-to-End philosophy.

We have a strong creative team, in which electro-mechanical, structural and environmental engineers work alongside the architects, designers and consultants from the beginning of the design process to the completion of the project.

Integrated services and advanced technology make possible the distillation of a complex solution into simple graphic images, allowing the client to be involved throughout the process.


The beauty of our work lies in the diversity of our creations.

PEOPLE design buildings and environments, which range from vast mixed-used developments and marinas to individual private houses and hotels.

Projects may be of national, regional or purely local significance.

Buildings are diverse because they respond to local requirements, rather than imposing a single house-style generated from a central office. Every construction has to meet the needs, the requirements and the special diversities of its stakeholders.

One of PEOPLE's key strengths is the diversity of talent.


For passioners their building is the most important building in the world.

The engineers and designers as members in PEOPLE have a passion for the very best design. They are free to explore their own ideas rather than having design approaches imposed from above.

PEOPLE act as a hub for people with passion for creation and helps them to develop, embracing a culture of constant mentoring and tutoring.


It’s time to inspire.

PEOPLE have created a culture within the team that allows creativity to flourish.

It is the quality of the idea that is important, and not who has produced the idea, so that even junior members of the team can be confident that their best ideas will encounter a receptive audience.

For every team member, this brings great job satisfaction.

Stakeholders can be confident that when they appoint PEOPLE they are employing many of the best visionaries who work in an environment that encourages inspiration reflected to the final product.


Innovation has nothing to do with how many R&D euros you have. It's about the PEOPLE you have, how you are led, and how much you get it.

PEOPLE are a team that welcomes challenges, and will introduce innovation on projects, confident that they have been fully realized before construction and that they will work.

PEOPLE applied R&D is involved in all stages of structural, mechanical, spatial and quantitative coordination. The R&D team applies state-of-the-art technological innovation to complex design challenges.

They bring expertise in performance analysis, optimization, fabrication, interaction design and data visualization. The team focuses on three areas of research: Computational Design and Research, Composite Cellular Materials and Sustainable Design.


coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success. Henry Ford

Collaboration is the key in PEOPLE's successful operation.

Both designers and engineers collaborate with other team members in every project, and through this collaboration comes the gained knowledge to the realization of a design.

Every design is unique thanks to PEOPLE's practice. We work closely with the stakeholders of the building, the consultants and the contractors.


it is not just what it looks like. Design is how it lives.

Our team is as firmly rooted in their communities as possible.

Individuals are encouraged to play an active role, whether within local business organizations, through sport or charities. This reflects our approach to corporate social responsibility, and the belief that only through a profound understanding of a community is possible to deliver the very best and most appropriate architecture.

This approach also means that the architects, engineers and other designers at PEOPLE have a strong sense of place that they can bring to all their designs, ensuring that they are appropriate and suited to their environment.